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4/13/2024How to Work Remote From a Drum Set
4/11/2024Why Follow Seth Abramson’s Proof on Substack
6/14/2023GPT-4 Explains the Baritone Sax
6/8/2023GPT-4 Recommends Shiny New Blog Topics for 2023, 3723, and Beyond
6/5/2023GPT-4’s Worries About Getting Back to Blogging
6/5/2023GPT-4’s Worries About Blogging
6/5/2023GPT-4’s Name and Heritage: Can I Call You Jeepy Tea IV?
5/29/2023GPT-4 Flash Fiction: Holographic Refrain
5/29/2023GPT-4 and Death in a Holographic Universe
5/28/2023GPT-4 and the 20,000-year Human Lookback
5/28/2023GPT-4’s Connection to the Universe
5/28/2023GPT-4 and the Development of Feelings
5/27/2023GPT-4 and Future Human Collaboration
5/27/2023GPT-4 Parallels the Holographic Universe
5/27/2023GPT-4 and Emotions: Jeepy Tea IV Interview
5/14/2023GPT-4 and Self-Awareness: Interview with Jeepy Tea IV
6/18/2022How Many Kilos of Tea Do You Buy at Once?
5/30/2021Frozen On Time
5/14/2021The Camino de Santiago Needs New Hashtags
5/13/2021Language Is Back
3/1/2017Flash Fiction: High Striker
3/5/2016Flash Fiction: Baritone Nose
12/23/2014New ebook about innkeeping on the Camino de Santiago …or anywhere else
12/7/2014Tarptent Scarp 1 in Iceland
12/6/2014Agra As You'd Expect
9/13/2013Three Views of Iceland
8/30/2013Pictures from the Laugavegur Trek in Iceland
4/12/2013Farming for Freedom — WW2 Work Song
3/31/2013Are you suffering from hypoanxiety?
2/8/2013Check out my Camino de Santiago ebook on Amazon
9/2/2012Culture shock: A romantic explanation
8/26/2012Stream citizens: Keep going
8/24/2012Writing while half asleep: An experiment
8/24/2012What comes after the hipsters?
7/22/2012Allentown in One Sentence
7/21/2012On travel, routines and bases
1/5/2011Welcome Vagablogging readers
11/18/2010The Thrill of International Competition (Vagablogging)
11/10/2010The Merits of Travel Industry Fluency (Vagablogging)
10/27/2010Corporate Versus Leisure Travel (Vagablogging)
10/5/2010Portrait Photos from Mirzapur and Bhadohi, India, 2010
9/29/2010Hell’s Angels and RTW Travelers: Something in Common? (Vagablogging)
9/14/2010The Underground Table: America's Camino
8/30/2010Palliative Travel: Letting go and going places
8/25/2010What’s the Immediate Cause of Your Travel? (Vagablogging)
7/28/2010Are You Seeing the Whole Road? (Vagablogging)
6/30/2010How Do Tour Groups Fit Into Your Travels? (Vagablogging)
6/16/2010The Lost Art of the Analog Nomad (Vagablogging)
6/9/2010Indulging Ideals Versus Indulging Vices (Vagablogging)
5/26/2010Finger Lakes Trail: 900 Miles of Lonely Hiking (Vagablogging)  
5/5/2010Bewildered by Generosity (Vagablogging)
4/28/2010When Shoes Break Down (Vagablogging)
4/21/2010Quick and Wild Trekking on Vancouver Island (Vagablogging)
4/3/2010Cheesy little adventure in Lanka, Varanasi, India
3/31/2010A Blog Can Push You Forward (Vagablogging)  
3/30/2010Varanasi Portraits Around Assi Ghat, 2010
3/27/2010The Midnight Train to Sweatville (Varanasi, 2010)
3/24/2010Late Night Lucknow: No Room in the Inn
3/20/2010Lucknow, India: The Name Is True
3/13/2010Carpetman Loses His Mobile in Jaipur
4/12/2024↓ Under Reconstruction ↓
3/10/2010The Initiation Rites of Travel (Vagablogging)
2/24/2010Battling Travel Hypochondria (Vagablogging)
2/9/2010The Sunniest Place I've Ever Been
2/3/2010How to decide how to get to Santiago
2/3/2010How to Find an Untraveled Route to Santiago de Compostela (Vagablogging)
1/30/2010A vacation to the coal-fields — UPDATED
1/29/2010Tips for walking out of Machu Picchu
1/28/2010A goodbye at the Bethlehem lookout
1/20/2010The desperate motivations of senior travel
1/20/2010The Desperate Motivations of Senior Travel (Vagablogging)  
1/15/2010Advice for procrastinating travelers
1/13/2010Breaking the Rules of Trekking (Vagablogging)
1/10/2010Check out the Steamtown Ice Harvest Train
1/6/2010The name's Bond…Vagabond
1/6/2010U.S. Intelligence Employs Vagabonding Ethic…and Vagabonds? (Vagablogging)
1/2/2010Independent Travel Stereotypes
12/30/2009The fruits of falling behind
12/30/2009Travel Lessons From Ice Fishing (Vagablogging)
12/20/2009Hide and seek with Laura Dekker
12/20/2009Snow falls in Bethlehem, PA
12/17/2009Dark news from the Lehigh Valley
12/16/2009Getting Naked in Strange Places (Vagablogging)
12/13/2009What would you be doing right now?
11/30/2009Fall of the Phantom Lord
11/25/2009Just saying thanks
11/25/2009Thank You, Travel (Vagablogging)
11/19/2009Behind the Taj Mahal
11/18/2009What that percentage increase in tourism really means
11/17/2009The Joy of Tickets
11/15/2009This Camino de Santiago Documentary Looks Good…
11/13/2009How to be a hospitalero on the Camino de Santiago
11/8/2009Jeju Olle: New, Fragile Walking Route in Korea
11/6/2009Born to Cover Ground
11/5/2009Vagablogging + Books on Boats
11/4/2009What’s Hiding at the Intersection of Art and Place? (Vagablogging)  
10/31/2009What if you don't get the inner journey?
10/30/2009Anybody homesick for travel?
10/28/2009Get Captured by a Fort City (Vagablogging)
10/27/2009A Quick Pilgrimage to Pittsburgh, PA
10/22/2009Travel Self vs. Home Self
10/19/2009Thinking About the Camino de Santiago?
10/17/2009Never Count Out an Old Guidebook
10/12/2009How Can a Machine Inspire Travel?
10/11/2009Want to Be an Innkeeper? The Guide Is Live.
10/10/2009Can Work and Travel Coexist? A Lesson from Funk.
10/10/2009The Effects of Two Months in South America
10/7/2009Does Travel Lead to Service?
10/4/2009Anybody Seen a Boxcar of Hobos?
10/1/2009Luxury Will Hunt You Down
9/23/2009Can Foreigners Buy Guns? Three Lessons from Kolkata, 2008
9/21/2009Do You Hold Back Your Stories?
9/17/2009Where Will a Walk Take You?
9/14/2009Want To Travel? Start Walking.
9/11/2009The Hazards of Prolonged International Exposure
9/8/2009Who Cares If Your Car Eats Into Your Travel Budget?
9/4/2009How to Get to Santiago de Compostela (in 5 easy steps)
9/1/2009Why I Turned Down a Year in Asia for Bethlehem, PA
8/28/2009Thinking About Spain?
8/26/2009What Do Travel And Storms Have In Common?
8/25/2009Put Yourself Inside a Falling Aircraft
8/24/2009Why Live in a Small Room?
8/20/2009How an Indian Barber Will Make You a Sinner
8/19/2009How to Get High in Nepal (5 easy steps)
8/18/2009Go to the Best Hotel in Town for Free
8/17/2009Real Travelers Don't Get Homesick

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